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GIFA 2023

Release Date: 2023-7-7  Author: Changlu Group  Hits: 1121  [Print]

EVENT: GIFA 2023 - 12th-16th June

15th International Foundry Trade Fair & Technical Forum

Booth: Hall 16/E40

Venue: Dusseldorf, Germany

The world leading international foundry exhibition, GIFA 2023, has come to an end, and must say that the impact of our participation is still ongoing.

The heat treatment technology from ZIJIANG FURNACE is one of the key processes that determines the quality in the aluminium alloy manufacturing and foundry industry as a whole.  The technology and applications presented by ZIJIANG FURNACE have drawn a lot of interest from both existing and potential customers: positive reviews and references are always the solid foundation of our business.

In the last few years, ZIJIANG FURNACE has mainly concentrated in developing energy saving solutions, automation technology and overall sustainability. Some of our achievements were briefly presented to the very many competent people visiting our booth and the discussions thus ensuing, highlighted both our engineering capabilities and understanding of the most stringent requirements coming from the end-users.

Thus, in the light of the future market demand coming from mature markets, ZIJIANG FURNACE will renew its already extensive R&D approach finalized to digital technology, energy conservation and further innovation so as to maintain its leadership in the specific industry sector.